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Passionate about Java, Serverless Java (AWS Lambda), GraalVM, developing with Micronaut, sometimes Quarkus and Spring. Always trying to learn and adapt new approaches that maximize JVM ecosystem potential.

Perfecting Java Software Development and writing Ultimate Guides about it.

Java Loggers Benchmark

How all started, I decided to make my own slf4j based logger implementation, something of a better slf4j-simple-logger cause in my opinion it lacked some key features: GraalVM friendly Environment logging Refreshable configuration Structured logging (work in progress) This new implementation is supposed to be go-to for Serverless Java executables. Then I decided to benchmark logger to check is there some room for performance improvement, and damn there was a lot....

March 22, 2022 · 1 min · Anton Kurako

Guide to Java Code Style

Ultimate Guide about my best practices organizing Code Style in Java project. You can jump straight to conclusion with practical recommendations. Prequel Let’s start with simple definition of what Code Style is. A Code Style contains general rules about “how to write” code, e.g. how many spaces to indent, the maximal line length, etc. A lot of minor things. When all members of a team use the same Code Style, the code looks uniform, regardless of which team member wrote it....

December 17, 2021 · 19 min · Anton Kurako

Guide to Java Date & Time Format

Ultimate Guide about my best practices managing Date & Time in Java project. You can jump straight to conclusion with practical recommendations. Prequel Java actually had rough time with time. Okay, jokes aside Java really had troubles with Dates especially with Dates APIs. You can ask many people who have experience with Java 7 or less, not surprising Joda Time even have its own website, great documentation, developers love and almost 5k starts on GitHub....

November 19, 2021 · 5 min · Anton Kurako

Introduction to Java Serverless

Want to start series on Serverless Java on AWS Lambda and all the details, what frameworks to use, what to expect from this approach, is it even sustainable in real life and how to ‘cook’ your Java for serverless. This series will be useful for any Java Serverless application, doesn’t matter is it AWS, GCP, Azure, etc. All experience, approaches, tooling, tutorials, code and best practices are applicable in any situation only difference is that all deploy details will be against AWS Lambda and internals of frameworks are specific for AWS Lambda API....

August 29, 2021 · 7 min · Anton Kurako