My name is Anton Kurako and that’s my attempt to start a blog.

Some facts about me, I think?

  • Have 5+ years’ experience in software development including architecture, design, implementation, testing and maintenance.
  • I am currently Technical Lead and working mostly with Java & Micronaut
  • Think that Spring Framework is not suitable for building microservices on JVM anymore
  • Past year working on Modular Framework (in house) for building scalable multifunctional applications that is widely used in our company (sorry, no opensource)
  • Have about 5 years of experience working with JVM (Java, a bit Kotlin & Scala)
  • Working with Micronaut in production since 1.0.0M3
  • Have 2 year experience with NoSQL like ArangoDB
  • Love opensource, check my GitHub
  • Love to build applications, libraries, frameworks, tools for users and developers
  • Think that JVM applications can be fast and efficient (can prove that)

What to expect?

I am interested in JVM, JVM Frameworks (AOT based), Serverless, GraalVM, code quality and a lot of other things.

So I think what’s coming next will be compilation of the above?

Also, there will be code examples, tutorials, best practices, how-to and more.

I’ll try to cover articles both in English and Russian, so keep that in mind, but the content can differ, and some times exist only in one language.

Welcome and stay tuned.